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* tpax relies on a modern getdents interface. This interface is invoked
  via a static inlined wrapper named tpax_getdents(), which is provided
  by the tpax_getdents_impl.h internal header.

  If your system is not currently covered, you can still easily build
  and use tpax by (1) providing your own version of tpax_getdents() in
  a linker archive of any name; and (2) adding -DTPAX_GETDENTS_PORTED
  to CFLAGS, and the full path to the above archive to LDFLAGS_LAST.

  The wrapper's signature shall then be:

  long tpax_getdents(int, struct dirent *, size_t);

  And your ./configure invocation would then look like:

  CFLAGS=-DTPAX_GETDENTS_PORTED                   \\
	LDFLAGS_LAST=/path/to/tpax_getdents_impl.a \\