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Getting slibtool to the point where it could build a vast number of
packages while applying correct semantics would have never been
possible if it weren't for @orbea, who's still the true engine behind
the project. Many thanks also to Sam James from the Gentoo community
for following up on many of the issues that were encountered and
fixed throughout the process, and likewise to Redfoxmoon for filing
incorrect-usage bugs with upstream projects, and for helping everyone
retain the great spirit on slibtool's irc channel.


This release (as well as the previous one) follows extensive testing
against all of Gentoo's packages. A huge thank you to @orbea for
being the engine behind this process, and special kudos to the
one and only Lucio Andrés Illanes Albornoz for the excellent
contributed patches.


Thanks to everyone who has been using and testing slibtool since
its initial release, and especially to Felix Janda for building
a large number of packages with slibtool and catching several
bugs. Last but not least, a huge thanks to Kylie McClain for
running slibtool-based Exherbo world builds night after night.


The initial rapid development of slibtool, and likewise the
relatively short time from inception to first release, would not have
been possible without the shared wisdom and tremendous help that was
provided by Kylie McClain, a renowned Exherbo Linux developer and build
system wizard. Kylie tirelessly tested slibtool by running the Exherbo
world build time and again around the clock until there no more visible
failures (read: until she finally stopped jinxing it), handling the
tediousness of the task with a cool spirit and a great sense of humor.

Thanks also to Ørjan Malde (the one and only), who readily turned
himself into a Somemulator and helped debugging a race condition in
slibtool's compile mode translation unit (commit cd7387f).