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This (pinky promise, for real now) absolutely final patch release
in the 0.5.x entails a large number of semantic fixes, several bug
fixes, and also the entirely new slibtool-ar execution mode. We
would still like to consider it a patch release since much of the
above was needed for slibtool to correctly act as a gnu libtool
drop-in replacement. As of this patch release, slibtool can be
used with virtually all packages covered by a common Gentoo world
build (as tested by @orbea, consisting of more than 900 packages
and pending some fixes of incorrect usage bugs that were exposed
by slibtool and filed with the respective upstream projects).
Then again, slibtool continues to successfully build all packages
included in a typical Midipix distro build, as well as all other
packages that we have been able to test. Due to the large number
of commits between the previous patch release and this one, only
the most significant changes are listed below.

- ar api:  new in-memory archiver backend (parse & merge).
- ar mode: new execution mode: archiver front-end.
- driver:  heuristics: support argv of ar, nm, dlltool, etc.
- driver:  correct precedence of heuristics-derived flag bits.
- driver:  added --info mode.
- driver:  corrected --config mode to be backward compatible.
- compile mode: added --tag=ASM.
- compile mode: properly handle custom compiler drivers.
- compile mode: de-duplicate header search directory arguments.
- link mode: general overhaul and refactoring of the code.
- link mode: correct object selection with -static and -shared.
- link mode: enhanced, tracebale dependency files.
- link mode: support -export-symbols and -export-symbols-regex.
- link mode: support -dlopen and -dlpreopen (self, force, libfoo).
- link mode: handle convenience libraries using correct semantics.
- link mode: cygwin & mingw support: enhanced dlltool semantics.
- link mode: darwin support: implemented additional special cases.
- execute mode: send informational output to stderr.
- execute mode: reimplemented with well-formed semantics.
- install mode: refactor, properly handle .so placeholder symlinks.
- install mode: enhanced logging of file operation errors.
- library: refactored, introduced secondary interface name-spaces.
- library: utilize the visibility attribute on non-PE targets.


This post-last patch release in the 0.5.x series includes fixes to
bugs that were discovered since release 0.5.34. In addition, this
release introduces several new features in slibtool's driver, as
well as some minor improvements in the implementation of existing
program functionality.

- driver: properly handle --help after --mode.
- driver: handle --version as only (repeated) argument more elegantly.
- driver: modify the cfgnmachine string for accuracy (-dumpmachine or --cchost).
- driver: added --dumpmachine support.
- driver: added -weak support, currently a no-op.
- driver: added -objectlist support.
- driver: -version-info suport: strictly verify the version info argument.
- helper: added slbt_map_input(), slbt_unmap_input().


This is the last patch release in the 0.5.x series. As of this release,
there are no known problems pertaining to slibtool's core functionality
or compatibility with the historic libtool implementation. Outstanding
features that are not covered by this release are the internal
implementation of archive merging (as opposed to using ar(1) and MRI
scripts), as well as the internal implementation, integration, and
support of -dlpreopen.

Included with this release is also m4/slibtool.m4, which by now has
been tested against, and may be successfully used with legacy autoconf
versions (such as 2.64), as well as more recent ones (2.69 or later).
A new invocation mode, --mode=slibtoolize (or the slibtoolize symlink)
is currently under development, and will be included with the next

- driver: slbt_get_driver_ctx(): properly record the envp parameter.
- driver api: slbt_get_flavor_settings(): initial implementation.
- driver: added explicit --sysroot support.
- link mode: set the -soname linker flag alongside the -avoid-version argument.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): enclose $DL_PATH in quotes.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): replace backtick with $().
- link mode: -module without -rpath is an executable, not a dynamic library.
- link mode: legacy libtool compatibility: support linking against -module libs.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link(): properly support non-default shared-object suffix.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_archive(): eliminate the libfoo.a symlink.
- link mode: static-only account for non-default shared-object suffix.
- link mode: always create{host|flavor} and related tags.
- link mode: PE targets: -release: fix names used for and in import libraries.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): place .exe.wrapper under .libs/.
- install mode: driver: added (referential) --sysroot support.
- install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry: properly handle fussix flavors.
- install mode: and properly handle -release.
- install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry(): remove dead code.
- install mode: installation: early detect static-only operation mode.
- uninstall mode: driver: added (referential) --sysroot support.
- heuristics: slbt_get_lconf_flags(): added missing 'else' in if-then block.
- heuristics: slbt_get_lconf_flags(): enhanced the string-scanning logic.
- library: replace all uses of open() with openat().
- library: replace all uses of chmod() with fchmodat().
- library: replace all uses of unlink() with unlinkat().
- library: replace all uses of rmdir() with unlinkat().
- library: replace all uses of rename() with renameat().
- library: replace all uses of symlink() with symlinkat().
- library: replace all uses of [slbt_]readlink() with [slbt_]readlinkat().
- library: replace all uses of stat() and lstat() with fstatat() counterparts.
- library: replace all uses of getcwd() with slbt_realpath().
- library: eliminate use of the external environ variable.


This patch release provides several bug fixes and improvements, as well as
added support for the NO_COLOR environment variable.

- driver: always respect the NO_COLOR envvar & SLBT_DRIVER_ANNOTATE_NEVER flag.
- driver: a heuristics-based -disable-shared now overrides --tag=disable-static.
- driver: --tag=disable-shared now overrides a heuristics-based -disable-static.
- link mode: always include deplib dirs in ldpathenv.
- link mode: enclose vnames in wrapper script in braces.
- link mode: always include explicit -L dirs in ldpathenv.
- link mode: shared: use .deps of a static-only .la input argument as needed.
- link mode: require dependency list to be present for all .la input arguments.
- execute mode: fix NULL ptr deref with only one argument.
- execute mode: handle relative -L pathnames & cwd-relative wrapper scripts.
- install mode: slbt_exec_install(): added legacy shtool support.
- install mode: account for a libfoo.a that was created with -disable-static.
- install mode: always respect the SLBT_DRIVER_ANNOTATE_NEVER flag.
- uninstall mode: always respect the SLBT_DRIVER_ANNOTATE_NEVER flag.
- argv.h: tty colors: added argv_usage_plain().


This patch release provides several bug fixes as well as the new (or proper)
implementation of previously missing features.

- driver: added -Xlinker support.
- driver: support -static-libtool-libs (currently as a no-op).
- driver: slbt_init_flavor_settings(): properly handle the -shrext argument.
- driver: --version: update the git repository reference to the https variant.
- link mode: check for and properly support -version-info with -release.
- link mode: .def file name: added proper -release support.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link(): record the -shrext argument for the install step.
- install mode: support wrapping of /path/to/sh /path/to/install-sh.
- install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry(): added -shrext support.
- uninstall mode: remove hard-coded shell logic, revisit later as needed.
- heuristics: support finding arbitrarily named scripts up the build tree.
- heuristics: added (annotated) trace output.
- heuristics: slbt_lconf_open(): added (annotated) trace_result().
- output: print out the recorded not-found path.
- output: added slbt_output_fdcwd().
- internals: error tracing: record the not-found path upon ENOENT as needed.
- library: compile & link modes: properly record the not-found path upon error.
- helper api: added slbt_realpath().
- build system: ccenv_{tool|attr}_epilog(): properly handle long output strings.
- project: added BUGS and a note on where to report bugs and issues.
- project: config.project: update $mb_pkgrep to the https variant.


This patch release fixes a regression in the 0.5.29 release,
specifically in the implementation of the -module semantics,
as well as a latent bug in the algorithm for finding a build
project's generated libtool script.

- link mode: properly handle .la targets built with -module.
- libtool finder: exit loop upon reaching the root directory.


This patch release fixes sed usage ('\s' vs '[[:space:]]') in
slibtool's own build system. Release immediately in order to
prevent build errors in strict build environments.

- build system: ccenv_output_defs(): use conformant sed construct.


This patch release provides a few important additions and bug fixes,
as well as several improvements in slibtool's own build system. In
addition, it denotes the (semantic) transition from

- driver: added F77 support.
- driver: added -XCClinker support.
- driver: added FC support.
- driver: host flavors: added suffixed suffixes support.
- driver: --heuristics: respect explicit --disable-shared and/or -static.
- driver: resolve conflicting and/or incompatible command-line arguments.
- driver, link mode: properly implement the -module semantics.
- driver, compile & link mode: support arbitrary & known compiler wrappers.
- link mode: host flavors: properly support suffixed suffixes.
- install mode: host flavors: properly support suffixed suffixes.


This patch release allows the enhanced target-ar logic that was
introduced in the previous patch release to properly work on legacy
systems with a tricky posix_spawnp() implementation.

- driver: enhanced target-ar logic: accommodate legacy systems.


This patch release provides an important enhancement with respect to the
identification of the ar tool to be invoked in slibtool's link mode. More
specifically, rather than relying on the presence of <target>-ar, slibtool
will now attempt to invoke, as needed, several alternate ar tools in the
following order: <target>-ar, <target>-<compiler>-ar, and, in the case
of the native target, also <compiler>-ar and ar.

- driver: slbt_init_host_params(): enhance the target-ar related logic.


This patch release follows significant improvements in, as well as additions
to slibtool's functionality. Most notably, with the additions of --heuristics
and the rlibtool convenience symlink, slibtool may now automagically operate
in the exact same mode (static only, shared only, or both) as the generated
libtool script for which it serves as a surrogate.

- utility: --heuristics support: added the 'rlibtool' convenience symlink.
- utility: convenience symlinks: added rclibtool, rdlibtool, and rdclibtool.
- link mode: properly handle local archives.
- link mode: remove placeholder arguments.
- link mode: remove redundant -l arguments.
- link mode: remove redundant -L arguments.
- compile mode: remove placeholder arguments.
- driver: added --heuristics support.
- driver: slbt_get_driver_ctx(): support stack-based argv.
- driver: output error vector upon post-argv-parsing failures.
- driver: execution context: added slbt_reset_argvector().
- driver: properly normalize --library-path=<path> arguments.
- internals: slbt_mkdir() now uses the context's fdcwd.
- internals: slbt_adjust_linker_argument() now uses the context's fdcwd.
- internals: -shared/-static heuristics: added slbt_get_lconf_flags().


This patch release follows several important enhancements in slibtool's
functionality, including proper support of explicit .a and .so input
arguments in link mode, and use of validly alternate (non-)pic objects.
With respect to compiler and target flavors, slibtool now accommodates
clang's debated approach towards the -fPIC switch in always-pic targets.
Last but not least, and following much discussion and consideration of
the various trade-offs, this release redefines _XOPEN_SOURCE to 700. With
that said, slibtool could still be easily built on older systems for as
long as they provide openat, faccessat, and (the soon-to-be-used) fexecve.

- driver: added --tag=RC support.
- driver: added --windres support.
- driver: use a compiler --target argument also as a tool argument.
- driver: if no --tag had been defined in compile mode, set --tag to CC.
- link mode: properly handle explicit archive input arguments.
- link mode: properly handle external archives and libraries.
- link mode: process dependencies also for non-pic .la args.
- link mode: support validly alternate (non-)pic objects.
- target flavors: accommodate conceptually challenged, PICky targets.
- target flavors: flavor detection: associate -windows- with mingw.
- target flavors: further eliminate compiler -dumpmachine invocations.


This patch release explicitly requests definition of AT_FDCWD via definition
of _POSIX_C_SOURCE in translation units that refer to it.


This patch releases fixes a couple of minor issues in slibtool's own build

build system: all-shared front-end variant: fix ordering of -l$(PACKAGE).
build system: all-shared binary: added missing build-dep on $(SHARED_SOLINK).


This patch release explicitly requests the openat() interface via definition
of _POSIX_C_SOURCE in translation units that need it.


This patch release follows important enhancements in slibtool's library
interfaces and API contract. In particular, slibtool now no longer uses
streams, but rather pure file descriptors. In addition, i/o operations
now robustly handle interruption by signals, and thus do not depend on
the underlying system calls being restartable. Last but not least,
slibtool now installs a pkgconfig configuration file when applicable.

- argv.h: output usage and errors using [argv_]dprintf rather than fprint.
- argv.h: argv_get(): be consistent between forward decl. and impl.
- argv.h: move definition of struct argv_meta_impl to the implementation block.
- internals: added slbt_mapped_readline().
- internals: added slbt_map_file(), slbt_unmap_file().
- internals: added slbt_dprintf(), a signal-resilient dprintf implementation.
- driver: argv usage and error output: use the signal-resilient slbt_dprintf().
- driver: support alternate fd's for input/output/error/log.
- driver: slbt_init_host_params(): propagate failure of <compiler> -dumpmachine.
- driver: slbt_init_host_params(): do not set fnative when !fdumpmachine.
- driver: struct slbt_fd_ctx: added .fdcwd and .fddst.
- library: invocations of openat() now use the context's fdcwd.
- project: added initial pkgconfig support.


This patch release includes several important bug fixes pertaining to both
the link and compile mode, as well as the addition of a compatible --features

- driver: added slbt_output_features(), providing compatible --features output.
- driver: compatibility: have -{shared|static} imply -disable-{static|shared}.
- link mode: properly handle the combination of -release and -version-info.
- link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_dep_file(): record top-level -L arguments.
- link mode: --disable-{shared|static}: use differently-named placeholders.


This patch release includes several improvements in the driver logic,
as well as one important fix to the compile mode logic.

- driver: support -export-dynamic.
- driver: allow flavor-based use of native tools (ar,ranlib,etc.)
- driver: slbt_init_host_params(): improve native target detection logic.
- driver: -shrext support: only use the extension portion of the extension.
- compile mode: gnu libtool compatibility: do not add -c to compiler arguments.


This patch release includes several important fixes to the link mode
and driver logic. In addition, it adds mdso support to midipix targets,
as well as updates slibtool's own build system.

- link mode: re-implemented slbt_exec_link_finalize_argument_vector().
- link mode: import library generation: added mdso support.
- link mode: use -fpic objects with -disable-static.
- driver: added --mdso and --implib support.
- driver: added initial -dlpreopen support.
- driver: support -thread-safe more elegantly.
- driver: properly handle -thread-safe (no-op, compatibility).


This patch release fixes a subtle bug in the newly added support for
packages that depend on the reordering of linker arguments.


This patch release fixes a subtle bug in slibtool-shared's
generation of dependency lists when creating convenience
library archives. Beginning with this release, the mesa
package can be built with slibtool in its entirety.

- slibtool-shared: properly handle .la arguments when creating an archive.
- slbt_exec_link_create_dep_file(): properly initialize and track fdeps.


This patch release provides seamless support for the building of
packages which rely on the ordering of linker arguments. With
slibtool, reordering takes place only when deemed necessary.

- link mode: support packages that rely on argument reordering.
- error trace: remove and fix inadvertent calls to strerror(3).


This patch release provides several fixes at the driver level, as well as
several improvements to slibtool's own internals. Addition of extended
variable support to slibtool's ./configure now makes it fully compatible
with (distro) build systems that pass those variable to ./configure by

- link mode: fix fdepfile construction when determining dynlib dependency.
- link mode: static archives: always have ar(1) act as ranlib(1).
- driver: refine handling of --target.
- build system: added extended dir variables.


This patch release ensures successful installation of a shared library with
which no accompanying static archive was created. The release also includes
two improvements in slibtool's own build system.

- link mode: create an archive /dev/null symlink placeholder as needed.
- PE soname support: added the designated LDFLAGS_SONAME variable.
- build system: configure: pass --sysroot to the linker as a compiler argument.


This patch release includes a variety of fixes and improvements in slibtool's
functionality, as well as several enhancements to slibtool's own build system.

- driver: added support for -dlopen (currently a no-op).
- error trace: improved and extended the initial interface.
- error trace: added descriptive error strings for custom errors.
- link mode: properly determine whether -L and -ldeplib are needed.
- link mode: do not respect -disable-static without -rpath.
- link mode: respect -disable-static.
- link mode: properly handle indirect dependencies of .a archives.
- link mode: confirm need for archive import; limit .a deps to external deps.
- compile mode: respect -disable-static and -disable-shared.
- install mode: respect -disable-static.
- legacy wrappers: implemented compatible library and objects wrappers.
- build system: added support for cygwin's, mingw's, and msys's semantics.


This patch release provides -portbld- support for systems that still need
it, as well as an initial implementation of the --uninstall mode. In addition,
this release includes a few important bug fixes, as well as adds --source-dir
support to slibtool's own build system.

- driver: accommodate hosts that occasionally use '-portbld-' in their triple.
- link mode: properly handle -all-static when creating an executable image.
- link mode: add -L.libs for current-directory .la input arguments.
- uninstall mode: initial implementation.
- build system: support setting an external folder as the source directory.


This patch release fixes the following subtle link-mode bugs:

- link mode: archive creation: .la-associated objects are always under .libs/.
- link mode: soname: properly handle -module when output begins with dso prefix.


This patch release enhances support of indirect dependencies, as well
the handling of direct invocation of executables (as opposed to passing
an executable to gdb or similar as an argument).

- execute mode: properly handle direct program invocation.
- link mode: account for directory depth when generating .deps for .la wrapper.
- link mode: properly handle sub-directories in indirect .la wrapper dependency.
- link mode: properly handle dependency information in current-dir .la wrappers.


This patch release follows several important bug-fixes, as well as the
addition and integration of error trace support.

- install mode: support the -f (force copy) command line argument.
- link mode: properly use dependency information associated with .la wrappers.
- link mode: ignore -rpath when deciding whether to create an executable.
- utility: added error trace support, integration, and annotated output.
- library: added public error trace interfaces.
- argv.h: error message formatting: handle lonely long options.


This patch release contains one future-looking change in the project's
design, as well as a few improvements in slibtool's own build system.

- utility: added slbt_main() as a public interface, refactored accordingly.
- utility: improved box integration, removed need for build-time macro.
- build system: warn only upon failure to detect native size of pointer.
- build system: add a test for legacy gcc versions.


This patch release contains a few important fixed to program logic,
as well as one addition to slibtool's own build system.

- driver: added --finish support.
- link mode: properly handle empty dependency files.
- link mode: properly handle absolute path when joining archives.
- build system: support project-specific overrides of OS and toolchain defs.


This patch release contains a couple of important fixed to program logic,
and a few minor improvements in slibtool's own build system.

- link mode: support over-linking for an .la wrapper linker input argument.
- execute mode: properly handle the current working directory.
- build system: added support for [C|LD]FLAGS_LAST and [C|LD]FLAGS_ONCE.
- build system: avoid side effects on the build system due to git-status.


This patch release includes a few fixes to the program logic and output,
as well as several improvements in slibtool's own build system.

- link mode: always create the .libs directory.
- output: flush stdout upon return from output functions.
- build system: remove generic dependency of object files on version.tag.
- build system: moved core definition files to a designated folder.
- build system: PE targets: handle subsystem setting in
- build system: added --avoid-version support.


This patch release includes a few minor fixes and several improvements, all
related to slibtool's own build system.

- build system: app.tag: avoid unconditional step execution.
- build system: configure: added --strict, --ccstrict, --ldstrict support.
- build system: Makefile: added the .conf convenience target.
- build system: Makefile: added the .display_cc convenience target.
- build system: Makefile: added the -display_cflags convenience target.
- build system: Makefile: added custom header installation support.


This patch release includes several fixes of bugs that were discovered while
testing slibtool as the primary libtool in a pkgsrc comprehensive build. In
addition, the release includes several improvements to slibtool's own build

- link mode: legabits: generate a perfectly compatible wrapper.
- install mode: legabits: install a perfectly compatible wrapper.
- project: by default, slibtool is now an application-only package.
- build system: added support of --disable-shared and --disable-static.
- build system: added support of --all-shared and --all-static.
- build system: properly handle user inclusion of -static in LDFLAGS.


This patch release includes several small fixes, as well as the addition of
an optional (opt-in at runtime) yet important compatibility feature, namely
the installation of .la wrappers. Changes in this release include:

- driver: added --legabits support.
- install mode: optional installation of .la wrappers.
- project: added compatibility symlinks (clibtool, clibtool-[shared|static])
- build system: removed the endian.h test.
- build system: proper use of


This is the first tagged release of slibtool. It is the result of two months of
intensive development, and follows rigorous testing on several systems. As of
this initial release, slibtool is known to successfully build an entire Exherbo
Linux system from source, build the midipix cross compilation toolchain from
source, and likewise build many other packages.

Support for the ELF/default host flavor is complete, and does not appear to have
any errors. Support for the PE/midipix flavor is also complete, and includes not
only static archives and shared libraries, but also import libraries with
version support. Support for the Darwin host flavor already exists too, yet it
is currently semantically incorrect, and so will be fixed in the next release.