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Permissively licensed components of the midipix project currently
accept contributions in the form of gpg-signed patches. The requirement
that all contributions be gpg-signed helps to ensure a repository's
reliability and license integrity, and is thus considered worth of
the (small) trouble that it might entail.

Please note that patch submission is only one of the many ways to
advance the development of a software component, and that assistance
in the following areas is always needed, and greatly appreciated:

* brainstorming.
* expressing needs, requesting features.
* sharing knowledge about your favorite system.
* lurking on irc, reviewing commits and patches.
* testing release candidates on different systems.
* building from source, testing bleeding-edge versions.

If you would like to submit code, then the following how-to is for you.

1. discuss your proposed changes on the project's libera irc channel.
2. if the changes you propose are not trivial to accept, start a discussion
   on the project's mailing list.
3. obtain as much help as needed on irc; post early versions of your work.
4. finalize your patch together with the project maintainer.
5. commit the patch to your local repository.
6. verify that everything builds, and that nothing breaks.
7  run, then sign and submit your patch.