#22 drop-in libtool replacement and ccache
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Original issue: https://github.com/midipix-project/slibtool/issues/14
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RJVB commented on Feb 15, 2019

On of the typical ways of injecting ccache into the build of an autoconf-based project is to set CC=/path/to/ccache $CC.

This works for the most part, but fails when creating (shared) libraries.

There's an easy workaround: ccache doesn't do anything during link steps and can thus be omitted from the command.

midipix commented on Feb 15, 2019

Looking at gnu libtool's func_cc_basename(), there appear to be several known wrappers in addition to ccache, namely compiler, distcc, and purify.

It seems to me, then, that slibtool should cleanly support all of the above at the driver level. I'll add that this weekend as well.

midipix commented on Feb 19, 2019

As of commit 34988f8, slibtool supports arbitrary compiler wrappers via --ccwrap , as well as the so-called known wrappers with no preceding switch, as supported by gnu libtool.

midipix closed this issue on Mar 2, 2019

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