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#include "mdso_driver_impl.h"
#include "argv/argv.h"

const struct argv_option mdso_default_options[] = {
	{"version",		'v',TAG_VERSION,ARGV_OPTARG_NONE,0,0,0,
				"show version information"},

	{"help",		'h',TAG_HELP,ARGV_OPTARG_OPTIONAL,0,"short|long",0,
				"show usage information [listing %s options only]"},

	{"implib",		'i',TAG_IMPLIB,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,0,"<path>",
				"create an import library archive"},

	{"libname",		'n',TAG_LIBNAME,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,0,"<libname>",
				"set dependency library name to %s"},

	{"asm",			'a',TAG_ASM,ARGV_OPTARG_NONE,0,0,0,
				"generate assembly sources"},

	{"obj",			'b',TAG_OBJ,ARGV_OPTARG_NONE,0,0,0,
				"generate objects"},

	{"crc",			'c',TAG_CRC,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,"32|64",0,
				"compute and display the exported symbols' "
				"%s-bit crc sum."},

	{"machine",		'm',TAG_QUAD_PTR,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,"32|64",0,
				"set machine bits to %s"},

				"indicate that this is the runtime loader "
				"itself (ldso); otherwise, specify that the "
				"runtime loader should search for the library "
				"either according to its internal/inherited "
				"path (loader), or according to the library "
				"path in the process PEB block (peb); "
				"alternatively, the loader may only search "
				"for the library in the system library "
				"directory (system32)."},

	{"dstdir",		'd',TAG_DSTDIR,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,0,"<dstdir>",
				"save generated assembly files under %s"},

	{"pretty",		'p',TAG_PRETTY,ARGV_OPTARG_REQUIRED,0,"yaml",0,
				"format output for parsing by %s"},

	{"expsyms",		'e',TAG_EXPSYMS,ARGV_OPTARG_NONE,0,0,0,
				"print exported symbols" },