#1 Wrong repo?
Opened 10 months ago by dalias. Modified 10 months ago

This looks like only the stub repo. The release date for the real version was supposed to be something like June 2019 but I can't find it.

Metadata Update from @midipix:
- Issue assigned to midipix

10 months ago

I should have seen that one coming:-)

The purpose of psxstub is to provide a no-op libpsxscl.a, which is artificially needed when building libgcc and libstdc++. I'm saying artificially since the shared variants of the above libraries only depend at link time on libc.so, never on libpsxscl.so. Alas, both libraries test at the time of ./configure for the compiler's ability to "create executables", and since executables do need __psx_init() to be resolved, we provide that symbol here prior to building the "real" psxscl library.

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