de945f add utime (utimensat, futimens) functional tests

1 file Authored by Rich Felker 4 years ago, Committed by Szabolcs Nagy 4 years ago,
    add utime (utimensat, futimens) functional tests
    these tests check for the ability to set file timestamps using
    UTIME_NOW, UTIME_OMIT, and explicit timespecs. they indirectly check
    that fstat works as well, and include a check of the first Y2038
    timestamp that overflows 32-bit time_t, reporting errors for a Y2038
    EOL implementaton (if time_t is 32-bit) or a kernel, filesystem, or
    library implementation that fails to set and read back timestamps past
    the 32-bit limit despite having a time_t type that can represent such
    a timestamp.